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Front view of Yakshagana costume

Rear view of Yaskhagana costume

Yakshagana literally means "song of the Yaksha".Yakshas were an exotic ancient Indian tribe.

Yakshagana is a fine blend of classical art and folk dance. Yakshagana plays are dance dramas, the Indian version of the western opera. It originated around 10th century AD,in Karnataka,India, where it enjoys immense popularity. The dialogues and songs of Yakshagana are either in kannada or tulu, the local languages of Karnataka.Traditionally the Yakshagana plays were based on interesting stories from Hindu mythology, performed exclusively at night. Due to the efforts of proponents of this unique art,Yakshagana has broken the language barrier and has gained immense recognization worldwide.



The colourful costumes,the atmosphere energizing music,the amazing dance steps, the impromptu dialogues and the emotion swaying scenes easily captures the hearts and minds of the audience.

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